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Melikset Melikian

Dr. Melkian's mission is to develop and implement innovative dental technologies which promote the progressive and unique care for each patient. A dentist and scientist with an experience of more than 40 years, he is the author and founder of reinforcement and mechanical activation of composite materials. His authorship, innovations, and rights are proven and protected by 71 Russian patents, 2 US patents, and 90+ published works. The technologies developed by and under the guidance of Dr. Melikian were awarded 10 golden medals at the most prestigious exhibitions of ideas, innovations and inventions. For the achievements in medicine, he was awarded the "Excellence in Dentistry" medal and the Belgian State Order, among others.

Dr. Melikian is confident that there can be no innovations in dentistry without clinical experience and vice versa: no successful clinical outcome is possible without scientific substantiation. Already as a student, while succefully graduating  from the university and passing residency trainings, he combined clinical activities with scientific research. In 1993, Dr. Melikian defended a candidate thesis "Development of the Technology to Manufacture Porous Titanium and Titanium Nickelide Dental Implants."  In 2001, his doctoral thesis "Development and Substantiation of Use of Porous Penetrable Materials of Titanium and its Alloys in Dental Implantology" was sucesfully defended. Besides scientific research, Dr. Melikian has an extensive clinical expertise in all fields of the profession, from pediatric dentistry to implantology.

For more than 25 years, Dr. Melikian has been working in composite restoration of teeth. The range of treatment and prosthetics methods he uses includes a dozen of unique and original methods of no-anesthesia preparation as well as the unparalleled teeth restoration methods with mechanically (manually and by vibration) activated composite materials and mesh metallic composites. The comprehensive scientific and clinical experience is demonstrated by patents, numerous printed works and guidelines, atlases, and monographs.

Some of the conclusions made by Dr. Melikian after years of the extenstive research are the following: the established conventional tooth treatment and prosthesis methods are aggressive and traumatic; the traditionally numerous complications do not always depend on a dentist's qualifications; the most important task for a dentist is to prevent diseases and complications; innovations are a way to progress; innovations are the ability to change oneself and the perception of the new things; achievements are the product of meticulous work, love for the cause of the entire life and the willingness to help people.

In addition, Dr. Melikian is an excellent teacher and a frequent guest speaker. His lectures and workshops incite enthusiastic feedback, both from colleagues and general public, all over the world. Besides numerous professional distinctions, for his innovations in dentistry, Dr. Melikian was awarded an Extraordinary Ability Green Card.

Though the long list of awards speak for itself, Dr. Melikian believes that his best achievements are long-term clinical results of his happy and grateful patients.

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